Eric Concha, Technical Product Manager

My professional story

I have more than 10 years of experience in different areas of the IT industry:

  • Hardware repair and Technical Service
  • Web Development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Desktop Application Development (C# / .Net)
  • Maintenance of Android Applications
  • Databases (MySQL)
  • Linux Servers (Debian and Ubuntu)
  • Data Networks
  • Product Management
  • User interviews
  • Writing product requirements
  • Project Manager
  • Implementation of Agile Frameworks from scratch.
  • Scrum Master

I solve complex problems with technological solutions whose strength is simplicity for the user. Experience leading cross-functional teams.

I believe that good communication is a determining factor in the success of product development, so I take the responsibility to communicate clearly and efficiently my ideas or requirements.

My personal story

Technology has been part of my life since I was a kid. I had my first PC at home when I was 5 years old (with Ms-DOS).

When I was 9, the police come to my house… they wanted me to help them fix the PC they had in their office, which I did.

At the age of 12 I tried to migrate all the articles from my Encarta 98 to a website I built using FrontPage (like Wikipedia but in 2002).

I experimented with everything you can imagine using the PC: music/audio editing, making movies, building animations and small games using Flash Player, made some websites with FrontPage and DreamWeaver, designed a card game in Corel, made some fun images with Photoshop to entertain family and friends, etc.

Professionally, I have worked in Hardware repair, Linux Servers and Data Networks, Software Development (Web, Desktop and Apps), but when I came to Product and Project Management I discovered that all my previous knowledge and experiences (which may have nothing in common) were useful. So working on Product is what I have enjoyed the most.

Producto Beta

In 2022 I became the Co-Founder of Producto Beta, an Spanish Product Management community.

This is a project in collaboration with Alejandro Chávez (Mexico) that seeks to form a strong and diverse community to support and strengthen people who currently practice or wish to enter the world of Product Management.

You can learn more (and join) at

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