Eric Concha, Technical Product Manager

Professional with more than 10 years of experience in different areas of the Tech industry: Hardware repair, Web Development (JavaScript, HTML, VueJS), Desktop Application Development (C# / .Net), Android Applications (Apache Cordova), Databases (MySQL), Linux Server Management and Data Networks and Product Design and Management, with experience in user interviews and design of pioneering technological solutions in the industry.

Currently contributing in product development team as a Technical Product Manager.

I like to understand user’s needs and translate them the into requirements. I solve complex problems with solutions that follow the agile manifesto’s definition of simplicity. 

I base my work on 3 fundamental principles:

• Respect: If someone makes a mistake, we will discuss it privately and resolve it together. If someone does an extraordinary job, I will make sure everyone knows it.

• Courage: To do the right thing, to go the extra mile or to say “no more”.

• Commitment: I will do my best to fulfill my commitments, no excuses. I expect everyone to do the same.

I firmly believe that communication is essential to maintain a strong team, EVERYTHING can be solved if you speak up on time.

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