The Real Product Manager

"A Real Product Manager is the designer, dev, company and customer best friend."

If you’re building an impactful product, someone has to own it.

By “owning the product” I don’t mean that he is the lord of the team. I just refer to who is in charge of the vision and impact of the product.

Sadly I have found many blog posts, tweets or memes talking about how useless it’s to have a product manager or product owner on your team.

I understand when people complain about the PM or PO that just ask: “How are we going?” and do nothing more to help the team, but please understand as well those people do not know what is their position on the product development, they are not a real Product Manager.

I have been on the dev shoes, and I can tell you that if you haven’t a person that has a clear vision of what you’re building you are going to lose tons of hours, trying to figure out what to do rather than just been coding, and I can assure you you’re going to rollback and start again a few times.

The Real Product Manager work for the team, she is working to understand what is needed so the designers and de devs can use their energy and time to create something worthwhile to build, if you have a clear path to follow, if you know what you need to do today, tomorrow and next week is because someone took the time to think and write a roadmap with you for you.

A Real Product Manager doesn’t tell you how to do your work, he tells you what to do and when it needs to be done and the due dates are set by the team.

The Real Product Manager observes the customer’s interaction with the product, analyzing the data takes decisions in order to increase the effectiveness or retention of the product, he debates with the team to find better ways to solve problems, he wants you to succeed, he will give you a warm and sincere congratulation when you do a good job.

Real Product Managers are grateful to be surrounded by incredible people and feel humble to work with them.

A Real Product Manager will make you build an incredible product, he will push you beyond your limits… but that’s how we grow, don’t we?

A Real Product Manager is the designer, dev, company and customer best friend.

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